Team Dashboard
Pull Assigner provides a dashboard that shows your team's settings, stats, and bot activity.

Reviews assigned

The "Reviews assigned" section displays the number of the reviews each team member has had assigned since the date shown on the right. You can reset the stats displayed by clicking the "Reset stats" button. This will affect subsequent assignments if you are using the Load balance algorithm.

Recent activity

The "Recent activity" section provides a real-time log of what Pull Assigner is doing. Pull Assigner provides exit codes to indicate its success or failure. Below is a list of possible exit codes, along with additional information about how to resolve them.
Exit Code
Reviewers were assigned.
Your GitHub Team does not have enough members. Make sure the team has been set up properly and that members have accepted their invites.
Reviewers were already assigned, therefore no additional reviewers were assigned.
Pull Assigner does not have API access to the repo. Please check your GitHub App installation settings.
Last modified 2yr ago