Avoiding team notifications
When using Pull Assigner, teams get assigned a review before the bot assigns individual reviewers. Therefore every team member will receive a GitHub notification each their team is requested, even if they aren't individually assigned.
These notifications can be a disturbance. To solve this Pull Assigner lets you use a "Proxy team" – a member-less GitHub Team that can trigger Pull Assigner to run for your actual team.


To use a proxy team, create a new GitHub team without members. We recommend the naming convention TeamName-PullAssigner. GitHub automatically adds you as a member, so be sure to remove yourself.
Don't forget to grant the team access to repos, otherwise the team won't be available to be selected when requesting reviews. If you want to use the team with CODEOWNERS, you'll need to grant it write access (this is a GitHub requirement, not ours).
Once you have created your GitHub team, go to your Pull Assigner team settings and set your proxy team:
Once you've updated your settings, test out the functionality by requesting a review from your proxy team. Don't forget to update your CODEOWNERS settings if applicable.
Last modified 2yr ago
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