2. Create Slack App

Pull Reminders requires a Slack app in order to post messages. Follow the steps below to create a Slack app for your instance of Pull Reminders.

1. Create a Slack app by going to https://api.slack.com/apps and clicking "Create New App"

2. Name the app "Pull Reminders", set the "Development Slack Workspace" to your team's workspace, and then set the app icon to our provided image.

3. Next, go to the "OAuth & Permissions" tab and select the following scopes:


4. Under the same "OAuth & Permissions" tab, add a new Redirect URI. It should be your hostname plus the path /auth/slack/callback, e.g. http://pullreminders.myco.com/auth/slack/callback. If you don't know your hostname yet, remember to come back and set this later.

5. Go to the "Bot Users" tab and create a bot user with the name "Pull Reminders" and username "pullreminders".

6. After setting up your Slack app, do not install the app to your Slack workspace from Slack's website or submit it to the Slack App Directory. You will install the Slack App through Pull Reminders once your instance is set up.

7. Slack does not currently offer static IPs for whitelisting, but you can whitelist IPs in Slack.